date: 19/02/2014
The Spanish cluster now boasts eleven new EPD labels
During the month of December, eleven tile manufacturers officially received EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) labels: Iberoalcorense.
Via the accreditation afforded by the EPD labels, the tile manufacturing industry positions itself within the sphere of sustainable construction, a factor that differentiates and proves increasingly important in terms of the international marketing of products.
The EDP is a system of European ecolabelling that enables certification of the environmental impact of construction products throughout their life cycles, whilst guaranteeing eco-efficient manufacturing processes. Specifically, the EPD is a type III ecolabel pioneered in Spain that is now being applied in other countries, such as Norway, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and France and is currently being introduced in Denmark and Italy.
The AENOR GlobalEPD programme, which enables Environmental Product Declarations to be obtained, is currently a voluntary certification system; however, in the not so distant future it may become a decisive element, enabling companies and sectors holding an EPD to stand out on the international stage and penetrate markets with a greater degree of environmental awareness on a global scale.

Ibero, numbered amongst the companies that obtained an Environmental Product Declaration

Representatives of the eleven tile manufacturers receiving the accolade, along with the president of Ascer, Isidro Zarzoso.